A Home Air Purifier is Your Respiratory Health Weapon

Why would anyone want a house air purifier the solution is simple since your homes air is many times as polluted as outdoor air that is why. If you reside in any big city, do not need to elaborate on your outside air quality – your neighborhood weatherman will do it for me. If you are now considering a house air purifier you are in luck since today’s versions are high tech, efficient, and very effective. They are successful in ways unheard of only a couple years back. Ultraviolet germicidal units are getting increasingly more prevalent and the high-end versions can actually remove over 1400 distinct kinds of chemical pollutants now also. Do not let the techno-babble confuse you though. When you start looking at all of the myriad versions available today it is important to remain focused on a few simple and common sense standards. Here are my five prerequisites for house air purifiers.

Best Air Purifier

Used to own one of those ionizer kinds of air cleaners that had the long shiny metallic fins you needed to wash off with the special cloth supplied. used it for maybe a year and a half until it expired – thankfully. I say thankfully because a couple of months after a health hazard were identified – they had been discovered to make ozone. We know a lot about ozone nowadays – and it is not a fantastic thing to produce at all within your dwelling. There is ozone producing models still available that are great for warehouses and areas that will need to completely kill anything in the atmosphere. In your house however – no – bad – stay away.

Most models today have HEPA filters that basically ensure your unit is removing particles as small as.3 microns. Odds are your vacuum cleaner has a HEPA score too, if you have bought it over the last couple of years. Filter costs can be all over the map too. Always check on the duty cycle and price for the filter of this unit you are contemplating. Based on where you Live, your homes air can have a wide spectrum of pollutants – too many to name. If someone in your family has allergies, or respiratory sensitivities they will thank you for considering their humidifier air purifier. If you cover the doctor bills, then you may thank yourself as well. Asthma sufferers are increasing in number proportionate to airborne pollutants, so it simply makes solid sense.